Wolves & Women

by Fricknadorable

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Written July 4th 2015 and recorded over the following two weeks at Pepperhead Studios with Central PA artists.

Audra dePrisco - Bk Vocs
Jeremy dePrisco - Acoustic/Electric Guitars,
Electric Bass, Kick/Snare, Lead vocals, Bk vocs
Michael Hickey - Mandolin and some guitar
Terry Wright - Fiddle
John Sweeney - Harmonica
Paul Loomis - Banjo
Stan Sloditskie - Accordion


Wolves and Women (aka Justin's Epic Frickn' Song)
Written by Jeremy & Audra dePrisco (Fricknadorable)
© 2015 - 7/4/15-7/5/15

When I left home I was a young man
and I swore I’d never look back.
Made my way through town to town with two charcoals,
three pencils, and an eraser - in my sack.

I get up before the sun does.
Cause that’s just the man that I am
Don't ask me to explain myself,
that is something I cannot stand.

I just draw my wolves and my women.
That’s what I sketch when I'm alone.
Guess it’s just the lot I’ve been given.
Until I can find a home.

I don’t have a fancy education.
I learned all I know from my books.
When I’m trying to read you might see me,
at the café giving hipsters dirty looks.

I’m a man of the woods and the wild.
I love animals and living off the land.
I think one day I'd like to have a child.
Times a’short, and I’m lookin best I can.

For now I got my wolves and my women.
Cause to me they never talk back.
If I could, I’d move far out in the woods.
And live by myself in a shack.

I’d take all my wolves and women.
On parchment and charcoal drawn.
I would keep them close beside me,
bundled up until the dawn.

Guarded but goodhearted, cautious but I’m kind.
I can use my hands and I can use my mind.
It just seems that true love is so hard to find
And until I do… I draw wolves and women.

Guarded but goodhearted, cautious but I’m kind.
I’ve tried Craigslist and all the dating sites twice.
Seems to me it’s all just a big waste of time.
Good thing I have… my wolves and my women.

My hound dog’s name is Maggie.
She’s the only bitch that I love.
All the other ones have left me,
for reasons I won’t speak of.

You can find me in the café drinking coffee.
With the occasional blueberry scone.
That's where I hide and unwind in the corner,
listening to music on my phone.

I got my wolves and my women,
in the notebook, on the page.
They don’t shine and they don’t glisten.
They’re made in shades of grey.

Sometimes you'll find me on the water.
The Susquehanna or Fishing Creek.
It's just me and good ol' Maggie in the kayak
on adventures nearly every week

Guarded but goodhearted, cautious but I’m kind.
I can tie ten different knots and sharpen all your knives.
Replacing romance with my artistic side.
So I have... my wolves and my women.

Guarded but goodhearted, cautious but I’m kind.
I can cook and I can clean and help you to survive.
Spend my time drawing females and canines.
Otherwise known.. as wolves and women.

Guarded but goodhearted, cautious but I’m kind.
Get you to your destination, won’t leave you behind.
Stranger in a strange land. Can't grok what I can't find.
Still I have... my wolves and my women.

Guarded but goodhearted, cautious but I’m kind.
I can make a fire without matches anytime.
But the flame of love ain’t burning in my life.
So I dream... of wolves and women,
and I draw wolves and women
Good thing I have... my wolves and women.
So I dream... of wolves and women.


released July 17, 2015
Copyright 2015 Audra and Jeremy dePrisco (Fricknadorable)


all rights reserved



Fricknadorable Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Fricknadorable, an Americana duo born of the unholy union of pop ukulele and blues guitar and bass, is made up of Jeremy and Audra dePrisco. Jeremy is a squirrel enthusiast with a Doctor Who obsession while Audra likes re-watching episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and speaking with a British accent for no apparent reason. ... more

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